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The Benefits of Green Power

September 6, 2017


The Benefits of Green Power

Latent Stella Technology Limited invests more than 20% of their annual turnover into research and development. Following the company’s success in receiving the award title, Excellence in Technology – China, we interviewed Dr. Hin Yu, Mark Mak, Chief Executive Officer of Latent Stella to find out more about the company’s approach to green and efficient power.

One of the greatest implementation of Latent Stella Technology Limited is a solar thermal hot water and cold air return heat exchange farming system, that has been successfully demonstrated in Jiangmen, China.

Dr. Mak from the Latent Stella Technology Limited begins the interview, by underlining how this system works, adding how the company seeks to improve the efficiency of their products.
“The system composite of green power, efficient solar energy system and air source heat pump as the energy source of heating and air-cooling. By achieving the sun - air - water green ecological environment, the entire system can reduce the power consumption up to 70%. In winter, the composition system supplies hot water, while solar energy bears little heating load. The heat will be transferred in the coil pipe throughout the farming area.

“In summer, the air-source heat pump is water-cooled air-conditioning system, used as a cooling system, which can maintain the indoor temperature within our desired range. “In line with the company’s mission of providing its customers with environmentally friendly energy solutions, we are also researching how to improve the efficiency of our products and thereby lower their power demands. We design our products to be long-lasting and easy to maintain, leading to a long product lifecycle. In addition to durability, features such as recyclability and the outward appearance of our products, have become increasingly important focus areas for testing. Therefore, we work in close cooperation with industrial designers, when designing any new products.

As consumers become more concerned about the environment and sustainability, being ‘green’ is a good way to keep a company in the ‘black’, Dr. Mak explains. Companies who are interested in environmental friendly products or systems, come to Latent Stella Technology Company Limited who offer a tailor made and rational system, as well as home appliances.

Dr. Mak reveals the company’s ongoing strategy, including any key principles they adhere to in this vein, as well as their approach when undertaking a new client or project.

“Green energy is any energy that reduces the impact on the environment, by decreasing waste or reducing the use of fossil fuels. Wind turbines,  electric cars and solar energy are examples. Our business partner frequently can save money, by instituting green policies and some green energy remodelling projects, that can make their business eligible for a tax deduction. We are focusing to the countries that can get subsidies in green energy projects, so that customers are more willing and tempted to get involved.

“One of the most critical parts of the company’s onboarding process, is assessing our new clients existing campaigns. Understanding what they do and don’t have in place should be used to develop a scope of work. We assign teams of five to every new client. The team consists of a marketing officer, a coordinator, an engineer analyst, a designer and a project manager. The better our team can relate to the client’s team, the smoother the onboarding process will go.

“But the most important assignee from an onboarding perspective, is the strategist. As the chief point of contact, it is important that the strategist has some commonalities with the client, if possible. We try to assign the team with the most relevant industry experience and cultural fit first, with everything else coming second. If we are sure that they will hit it off on a personal note, then we are confident that the onboarding  process will go smoothly.”

Dr. Mak then highlights the challenges that Latent Stella Technology Company Limited have had to overcome to be successful, plus their thoughts on how it feels to be awarded the title Excellence in Technology – China, as well as the key attributes that make them successful.

“To be a successful company, I believe that reliability is the most important element. Reliability is doing what you said you would do, when you said you were going to do it. The second most important element, for us, is competence.

“We are, ain’t we, haha? For us, this is a very good checkpoint that we could look back on what we have done to benefit society. In terms of the future, we will keep going, to provide our clients with an enviable experience and a supply of innovative ideas.

“We are a research and development company and as such, we are investing more than 20% of our annual turnover into research and development area. More than 90% of our products are patent oriented. That’s provide us a uniqueness among other suppliers. The challenges are how to make us reliable and maintain a core competence.

Last but by no means least, Dr. Mak shares with us the wider industry trends the company is mindful of now and in the future. They also detail the prospects for Latent Stella Technology Company Limited in 2017 and beyond.

“Customers become more concerned about the environment and sustainability; people eager to use green  energy in comparison with the traditional model. More countries are providing subsidies or rebate to green energy projects, so we think that the market should be expanding rapidly. We believe that in this vein, we are on the right track.

“Within the past 10 years, there have been many successful case and job references of solar automatic farming systems, so customers may have a high confidence in the fusion between agriculture and engineering and what we call, ‘innovative agriculture’.

“One last point to underline, is that we are working on a solar automatic farm in the New York area. As the weather is so cold in wintertime there, summer vegetables are hard to plant. We aim to make use of our system, to provide them an alternative solution, so that those summer vegetables can be grow in wintertime to obtain a high economic efficiency.”


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