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Aditech Ltd - Second Only to DNA

February 6, 2017


Aditech Ltd is a privately owned UK company formed in September 1995. Iris recognition is the most accurate form of Biometric Identification. A strategic decision was then taken to focus on this technology as the basis for solutions being offered to the market. Paul Stanborough, Managing Director tells us more about their success.

Aditech is a long established biometrics company specialising in Iris recognition technology which is independently proven to the most accurate method of identification of an individual second only to DNA but taking only a fraction of a second to complete. We spoke to Paul Stanborough, Managing Director at Aditech, to gain an insight into how the firm have become award winning.
“As one of the world’s oldest Iris recognition companies, we have been instrumental in promotion to and education of the major market segments.

We supply, commission, train and support hardware and software solutions and where required - develop bespoke software solutions within the UK, mainland Europe and other selected international locations working very closely with the world’s leading manufacturer of Iris recognition hardware.

“The client base is very diverse but all require secure and accurate identification of an individual for standard Access Control, Time and Attendance or a specific bespoke solution. They include governments, banks and a number of blue chip international organisations as well as a wide variety of smaller companies across Europe.

“Aditech is very pleased to have been successful in being awarded the accolade of Biometrics Solution Provider of the year title in addition to the most advanced Iris Acquisition product with the iCAM7000 series. Customer service is the key to our success we build trust with our clients.”
Paul tells us more about the firm’s overall mission and their current projects which have showcased the firm’s commitment to excellence.

“Our firm’s overall mission is to continue the promotion of Iris recognition for its continued increased adoption in the market over other biometrics through marketing and education.
“Due to the high security nature of many of our clients, I obviously cannot discuss the project by company but we can say that a major part of the business is the protection of datacentres Europe wide and with CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) approval a number of government locations.

“We also work with construction companies for Time and Attendance for building sites and also used for the hiring out of heavy machinery. We have also in the past worked with Aid agencies where in the event of a major disaster the technology has been used ensure that aid distribution is correctly regulated.”

Working in an ever evolving market such as the technology sector, presents challenges to Aditech. Therefore, Paul explains the firm’s commitment to keep up to date with the latest updates in the industry.

“An Iris recognition solution is the man to machine interface so keeping up to date with the end applications we need to interface with is of primary importance with both hardware with whom we work closely with the manufacturer and end user system architecture developments. The key challenge for the future is the introduction of the technology into more mainstream applications.”

Aditech ensures it gives the best possible service to clients by consistently following up on any issues on a regular basis whilst also ensuring they give attention to detail in all respects through continual review of their procedures. These factors have helped Aditech to become an award winning firm and will continue to do so going into the future.

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