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UCOPIA Partners With Toluna To Provide Clients With Real-Time Survey Capability

September 26, 2016


UCOPIA, the market-leading European vendor of Wi-Fi access management, analytics & marketing announces its partnership with Toluna, a leading provider of on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights.

The partnership provides UCOPIA clients with the ability to get direct, real-time feedback from their Wi-Fi users via Toluna’s integrated insight platform, and obtain deeper insight into what users think, feel and do. Users can also leverage Toluna’s global survey community of 9 million respondents to access opinions of non-Wi-Fi customers.

“We are delighted to partner with Toluna as it makes great sense for UCOPIA customers” said Didier Plateau, CEO, UCOPIA. “Indeed, one of our main focus for these past four years has been Wi-Fi Analytics and Marketing. Wi-Fi Analytics as we offer our clients the opportunity to get to know their end users and collect useful business-oriented data on the profile and behaviour of their customers. And Wi-Fi Marketing as we want to help them in the use of that data. Collecting data is not an end, it’s part of a whole Marketing journey where our clients can engage with their end users. And that is exactly what we are offering: data and a direct access to the targeted audience!”

And adding “Our partnership with Toluna is a great extension of our offer. Now our clients can build surveys and collect feedback from their customers. They get to know them, engage with them and gain insight into customer experience. This is a real advantage to build their business strategy.”

“We are pleased to partner with UCOPIA. Providing real-time access to customer feedback is a must” says Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna. “We’ve designed our DIY survey and analytics platform, so that partners like UCOPIA can obtain real-time insight seamlessly – globally. They’ll have ready access to survey respondents, in addition to best-in-class reporting, analysis and visualization tools all within a single user interface – all without leaving the UCOPIA platform. Toluna makes real-time research real.”

UCOPIA develops solutions enabling a secure and seamless connection to public and private Wi-Fi networks. UCOPIA is a complete, highly scalable solution to manage tens of thousands of Wi-Fi concurrent access while offering Analytics and Marketing Services. UCOPIA’s Wi-Fi Analytics functionality enables the collection of users’ interests to better define future marketing campaigns that can be personalised on the Wi-Fi Marketing tool to best engage with end-users and enhance their digital experience. 12,000 UCOPIA solutions have been deployed serving various industries including enterprise, public venues, retail, government organizations and more.

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