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Traffic Encryption Sparks Global Growth For Procera

January 28, 2016


Procera tops 100 million ContentLogic subscriber licenses across 40 major network deployments
Procera Networks today revealed the key role it's playing in helping major network operators to combat the challenges faced by encryption. The company's ContentLogic traffic identification software has reached 100 million subscriber licenses over the past four years, and is now being used by more than 40 mainstream customers around the world after being deployed across large fixed, mobile, Wi-Fi, and higher education networks.

ContentLogic is the constantly evolving database that's a vital part of Procera's encryption fighting methods, and is deployed alongside the company's PacketLogic technology. It identifies internet traffic according to predetermined categories and customer-defined lists, and can recognize content by web traffic or application even when encrypted. The fact that it's now reached 100 million subscriber licenses shows how major network players are increasingly finding themselves needing more advanced content management and filtering technologies in the age of widespread encryption.

ContentLogic is already being used by customers worldwide to enforce parental controls and block access to sites containing questionable material. Other use cases include letting EMEA and North American operators meet regulatory compliance by controlling network access to certain types of content, particularly those governed by the Internet Watch Foundation and Child Internet Protection Act. ContentLogic also supports network security, filtering out phishing traffic or dangerous sites before subscribers reach them through the Anti-Phishing Workgroup Database.

"ContentLogic is giving the network visibility back that was lost following the rise of widespread encryption in recent years," said Alexander Havang, CTO at Procera Networks. "It's become a one-stop shop for operators looking to quickly and easily expand their network intelligence capabilities while also meeting the various laws and regulations around content access."

Beyond these use cases, ContentLogic has a part to play in managing the overall Quality of Experience. By having a clear picture of what traffic is crossing the network and what applications and services are being used, operators can adopt filtering and policy controls to ensure a consistent high quality experience for high-value content. For this reason, ContentLogic is being used to help operators introduce new revenue generating and value-added services too.

ContentLogic also simplifies the zero rating of content like social networking sites for operators that want to add value to classes of content rather than specific application, as specified in the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) recent European Union's Network Neutrality draft regulations.

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