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Toshiba Announces Next Generation Wireless Docking Solution

October 12, 2016


Toshiba’s Client Solutions Division (CSD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the company’s newest wireless docking solution with the Toshiba WiGig Dock.

Based on the IEEE 802.11ad standard, the Toshiba WiGig Dock delivers high-speed wireless data transfer rates of up to 4.62Gbps1 and can connect up to seven peripherals, including multiple high-resolutions displays. The compact Toshiba WiGig Dock features a glossy black finish and a starting price point of $299.992 MSRP.

“We have earned a reputation of creating innovative docking solutions and the Toshiba WiGig Dock is in line with the award-winning heritage we have established,” said Carl Pinto, vice president of marketing and product development, Client Solutions Division, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. “Unlike competitive products, we engineered the Toshiba WiGig Dock to make the dock compatible with other mobile computing solutions employing a similar version of the WiGig standard.”

Unparalleled Compatibility

Incorporating WiGig3 and USB Type-C™4 options, the Toshiba WiGig Dock offers both wireless and wired docking modes to create a flexible, universal docking solution. The Toshiba WiGig Dock delivers a simple, seamless and secure path to expand peripheral connectivity coupled with fast data transfer rates1, 4. For notebooks without WiGig capabilities, the Toshiba WiGig Dock features a USB Type-C port5, which supports data transfer, USB Power Delivery and multiple displays via a single connection.

Complete Connectivity

With a variety of ports ranging from Ethernet and HDMI® to DisplayPort and USB 3.06, a mobile professional can connect up to seven different peripherals and multiple displays to the Toshiba WiGig Dock. Adhering to the newest wireless standard, the Toshiba WiGig Dock connects automatically with the paired notebook once in range and can transfer data up to 4.62Gbps over the 60Ghz frequency.

The Toshiba WiGig dock also features Toshiba’s USB Sleep & Charge technology8 where devices can be charged even when a laptop is not connected to the dock. For convenience, Toshiba placed one of the two USB 3.0 ports on the front of the dock so devices can be easily plugged in and unplugged. This combination of connectivity and performance positions the Toshiba WiGig Dock as a premium wireless docking solution.

Advanced Multiple Screen Capabilities

For users looking for additional screen real estate, the Toshiba WiGig Dock can accommodate up to two additional displays with high definition resolutions and in some cases even 4K. Through Intel’s Wireless Display Extension (WDE), the Toshiba WiGig will deliver resolutions of 2560x1600 (FHD) for single display or 1920x1200 (HD) for dual display in WiGig mode. When connected via the USB Type-C™ port users can expect 3840x2160 (4K) for a single display or 1920x1200 for dual displays.

Enterprise-class Security

With the Toshiba WiGig Dock, the company has created a highly-secure solution from both a wireless and physical perspective. The integration of the IEEE 802.11ad standard delivers users the latest wireless security measures to ensure data is transferred and delivered uncorrupted. A reinforced cable lock port allows the docking station to be secured to a desk or table and discourages potential theft.

Stress-free Manageability

Through the adoption of the Intel Wireless Gigabit technology and software solution, configuring the Toshiba WiGig Dock takes just a few minutes. Once configured the wireless docking station seamlessly and securely docks in seconds with the paired notebook. This simplicity allows users to remain focused on their day-to-day tasks without interruption.

Pricing and Availability

The Toshiba WiGig Dock will be available for purchase through Corporate Direct, Reseller Partners and CDW starting at $299.99 MSRP2.

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