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Software AG Launches New Apama Community Edition

January 28, 2016


Community Edition enables developers to build streaming analytics applications and go into production for free

Software AG has announced the availability of Apama Community Edition, a free version of the Apama Streaming Analytics platform, that enables developers to download the Apama software, build streaming analytics applications and put those applications into production. Apama Community Edition contains most of the functionality and features of the premium version and enables developers to run small-scale projects and applications.

Coupled with the release of Apama Community Edition, Software AG has also started a new online community for customers, prospects and advocates to interact and engage. The Apama team will share a wealth of experience on best practices and tips from their experience supporting and developing Apama over the years, as well as how to solve different, disparate business problems and getting the most from the software. The new community can be found here.

Apama is the market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent, automated decision-making on fast-moving Big Data. It combines event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization and is the most comprehensive platform for managing vast, fast-moving data streams and turning meaningful insight into action.

Dr. Giles Nelson, senior vice president of Product Strategy and Marketing, Software AG, said: “We have purposely made Apama easy for business analysts and developers to benefit from big data streaming analytics in real-time. And with this Community Edition version, we have now made it even easy for anyone to learn. We believe passionately in the benefits of event processing and streaming analytics and we want everyone to be able to build and deploy commercially at zero cost.”

Streaming Analytics is fundamental to enterprises deriving maximum knowledge, value, contextual insights, and competitive advantage from the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT). Continuous analytics on streaming data can be performed to identify business patterns, which have happened or are about to happen. Visualizations and visual analytics for business users support both human-oriented and automated intelligent actions.

The Apama platform has always been a leader in the event processing and streaming analytics market and its continued innovation allows enterprises to leverage real-time insights to identify and act on opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. As the world's number one big data streaming analytics platform, Apama has more than 150 deployments in Fortune 500 companies. It is also used in a variety of commercial applications globally including real time visibility in manufacturing ERP systems, customer experience management, and market surveillance and risk management.

Dr. Giles Nelson continued: “We’re developing a new release every six months, which makes Apama the most comprehensive and competitive platform in the market for building applications that monitor, analyze and act on vast, fast-moving data streams. Apama helps business analysts and developers monitor connected devices in the ‘Internet of Things’, operate across Cloud or on premise IT deployments, and, include predictive analytics.

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