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Mast Solves the Hardest Problem for CRM Implementations

September 29, 2016


Today, Mast is launching a solution for the biggest barrier to successful CRM implementations: manual data entry.  Mast's patented technology fully integrates a sales rep's mobile phone with their CRM, embedding the CRM in their daily sales activities rather than requiring reps to work around the CRM.

Employee experience is critical for successful CRM rollouts.  Positive results from CRM implementations are 3x more likely when reps believe that it makes their job easier, and they are 2x more likely to think so when they can work and access the CRM on their mobile devices.  Manual data entry is the biggest obstacle – and the better the sales rep, the more they resist spending time entering information about client calls.

Mast solves this problem by automatically loading all of a sales team's client communications on mobile devices into their CRM, embedding Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics in their day-to-day workflow.  This dramatically increases the amount and quality of data in the system, and saves time spent on data entry – often over 20 hours a month per sales rep.

Mast's app works with any US mobile carrier and with iPhone and Android devices. It's an ideal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution. It enables a work number on the same device as the personal mobile number, all within a single dialer with a native experience, and uses Mast's patented technology to always use the right profile and number based on who the rep is calling.

Moving to BYOD has created challenges for companies because of the lack of access to work communication data and lack of continuity in client relationships when reps use their personal mobile numbers.  It has also created problems for employees in managing their work and personal lives because they're using their personal mobile number for all of their business communcations.  Mast solves these problems simply and elegantly for both company and employee.

"The challenge of getting data into your CRM is increasing as sales teams shift to using mobile phones," said David Messenger, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Mast.  "Mast enables sales reps to focus on selling by seamlessly loading all client communication data into the CRM.  Increasing the amount and quality of this data is essential in providing sales leaders with more powerful analytics and insights from their CRM."

Teams can implement Mast in just a few minutes and ongoing management is simple through Mast's online portal.  Employees download the app on to their mobile phone and are immediately more productive.

Mast has been working with selected companies over the last year to develop the solution, including AlterG.  "We started to look for ways to integrate mobile calls and texts with our CRM platform, to eliminate data loss and empower our sales reps," saidMichael McGirr at AlterG.  "We talked to other platform providers, but they didn't have a solution.  Then we found Mast with their unique mobile integration into Salesforce."

Mast has also established a strategic partnership with Cirrus Insights, a leader in integrating email and calendar with Salesforce.  The combined functionality automatically logs all sales communications – calls, texts, emails and meetings – to Salesforce without interrupting sales workflow or requiring manual data entry.

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