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Leading Asian Private Equity Firm Moves into Silicon Valley

January 8, 2016


H&Q Asia Pacific acquires 260,000 Square feet class A office complex in Silicon Valley from Hudson Pacific Properties for its Global Innovation Centre.

H&Q Asia Pacific, an international private equity firm, has announced the successful launch of its Global Innovation Centre initiative, simultaneously with an investment of US$100 million including $90m to acquire Bay Park Plaza in Burlingame (which has been renamed GIC Burlingame Bay), and $10m to develop and operate the GIC. GIC Burlingame Bay is a 260,000 square foot grade-A commercial real estate complex in the city of Burlingame, approximately ten minutes from San Francisco International Airport.

The GIC Burlingame Bay site will be a hub for technology companies from around the world and will offer its members and tenants the opportunity to benefit from the disruptive technology innovation, entrepreneurial experience, and human capital of the Silicon Valley through a platform of advisory services, programs, and commercial and strategic partnership opportunities. The acquisition of GIC Burlingame Bay from Hudson Pacific Properties follows an acquisition earlier this year of another commercial property in Burlingame as part of the GIC platform.
Dr. Ta-lin Hsu, chairman and founder of H&Q Asia Pacific, commented on the new project and what it will mean for the firm.

“I am very pleased to announce the next step in the development of the Global Innovation Center. This project represents the culmination of 30 years of cross-border technology investments by H&QAP and our portfolio of relationships with governments, technology parks, leading technology companies, financial and academic institutions and technology service providers. Our goal is to create a unique ecosystem to foster innovation and provide growing technology companies with access to crucial relationships and value-added services. H&QAP plans to continue exploring opportunities to develop Global Innovation Centers in other technology centers around the world.”

Robert Shen, Managing Director of H&QAP, added his comment on the new site and how the project would affect development for the business.
“The Global Innovation Center will be a platform for global technology companies, both big and small. We believe that this Class A commercial complex in Burlingame near San Francisco International Airport offers the best of the Silicon Valley with its history of innovation and San Francisco, which has become a new hub for technology, social media, biotech and mobile commerce. GIC will offer both superior returns as a multi-faceted, disruptive technology park as well as create technology investment opportunities for H&QAP’s various funds. I believe this is a significant development in the evolution of H&QAP and Dr. Hsu’s vision for technology migration and innovation.”

H&Q Asia Pacific, which was founded by Dr. Hsu in 1986, currently operates six offices around the Asia Pacific region and has 30 years of experience in venture capital and private equity investment in both the Silicon Valley and throughout Asia. The firm is credited with bringing US-style venture capital investing to Asia and played a significant role in developing various technology parks in Asia, including Taiwan’s Hsinchu Park and a large commercial complex in the Shenzhen Science Park. Since inception, H&QAP has invested in more than 700 companies through 26 funds with a total AUM of US$3.5bn.

The company, which also operates offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, Seoul and Taipei, invests across a variety of sectors, including technology, manufacturing, branded consumer products, financial services, media, healthcare and real estate.
It is the company’s unique approach to the Asian market which has led to their vast success, which they aim to replicate in their new location. The firm uses investment professionals who are either local to the region or deeply entrenched in the culture and business landscape of their respective markets. As a result, H&QAP is often regarded as a local partner in the Asia Pacific region as evidenced by its long-standing presence in Japan, Korea, and North Asia.

With over two decades of investment under this ingrained philosophy, H&QAP has earned itself a sterling reputation as a preferred partner in providing exceptional access to key decision-makers of global Asian corporations seeking to enter and establish operations in China; and conversely, help Chinese entrepreneurs and companies with their globalization plans beyond the China market. The company has found that this competitive advantage translates into an extremely well-positioned ability to identify and capture unique cross-border opportunities presented in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region.

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