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LanguageWire and Episerver Make It Easier to Reach Global Audiences

November 28, 2016


The new LanguageWire Episerver Connector makes it quicker and easier than ever before to translate digital content.

oday, LanguageWire, a Danish tech company that connects brands with language experts via its language collaboration platform, announced the release of a new Episerver integration. The LanguageWire Episerver Connector acts as an automatic link between a company's Episerver software and LanguageWire. This dramatically reduces the time spent on the translation of web content in Episerver, an innovative .NET Experience Platform. The average time savings equal a massive 20 minutes per page per language according to research conducted by LanguageWire of their customers.

With the internet and digitalisation continually making the world a smaller place and brands increasing their content output, the need for new and more efficient translation integration technology is clear according to Jesper Lehrmann, Product Director for Connectivity at LanguageWire.

"At LanguageWire, we develop new solutions that make it easier for our customers to communicate globally. Our new Episerver Connector makes it possible for businesses to create multilingual content in just a few clicks directly in the Episerver Platform," said the experienced digital strategist. "By integrating and automating translation processes, we eliminate the majority of manual tasks and errors that come with the production of localised content. This dramatically reduces time spent on translation and speeds up time-to-publish.

"For example, translating a new website of 100 pages into five languages would save a massive 10,000 minutes. This corresponds to over a month's work, or 166 hours," Lehrmann said. "This quickly becomes a lot of money in terms of pounds and pence.

"As with all of our customers, our language collaboration platform provides access to our outstanding network of language experts," the connectivity expert explained. "Consistently high quality translations are vital in a world of customer experiences. We ensure this by giving our customers the ability to choose their own team of preferred suppliers. This means they work with people who understand the brand and deliver quality every time."

Further information as well as the possibility to book a demo of the LanguageWire Episerver Connector can be found at or go directly to the Episerver add-on store

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Since 2000, LanguageWire has built a solid reputation for quality translations and superior technology solutions, and today we enjoy a leading position amongst translation companies worldwide. Every day we earn the loyalty of our customers by delivering hassle-free solutions, high-quality translations and measureable value. We do this through our overall commitment to excellence; our skilled people and handpicked translators and editors; and by providing innovative technology and proven results to companies who want to reach markets abroad.

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