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IObit Develops First Applock that Uses Face Recognition technology

October 17, 2016


IObit Co. Ltd., a leading app developer, recently upgraded its mobile security app -- IObit Applock 2.0. It is the first time that the face recognition technology is applied to mobile application to enhance security. The app will also be featured by Google Play store from October 14th.

IObit Applock, an Android privacy protector, is designed to lock Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Notification, Settings and any other apps on mobile phones. As related data shows, users are mainly concerned about phone loss, privacy issues, children's game addiction and accident operation. Thus, IObit Applock offers a solution by locking apps to prevent private messages, photos and videos from being pried by others, protect confidential information such as financial and health data from leakage, keep children from accidentally shopping and making in-app purchases, and stop unauthorized access.

The most notable upgrade of the IObit Applock 2.0 is the integration of the face recognition technology based on neural networks, which provides an easier and securer way to unlock apps than using fingerprints. Developer of the app, Carwin Chen explained, "We have spent years in developing a series of new technologies to support the face recognition system on the phone, to make the entire model very compact and speed up the whole process." The app is now able to complete the whole face recognition process in less than a second by consuming a little megabytes. Besides, IObit Applock also added the most advanced system to detect photos from real faces.

Apart from the artificial intelligence, the previous well-acclaimed function Fake Lock is also upgraded with two new creative covers called Call Cover and Crash Screen. Fake Lock can disguise the app lock-screen with any picture cover and force stop, showing a fake crash screen to the intruders and priers. In addition, the new version optimizes delay lock and the locking logic for better user experience.

Eunice Hu, Marketing director of IObit said, "There is no doubt we will embrace artificial intelligence in the coming future. Now we have applied facial recognition technology into Applock and users can experience the advanced technology in their daily life."

IObit Applock was first introduced to the Google Play Store at the end of July this year with an impressive 4.6-star average rating and thousands of downloads. It received positive feedbacks such as, one user named Nadim Hussain called the app "Super applock" and was impressed as it is "very flexible and easy to set up". Users are satisfied with Applock's rich features, simple operation, ad-free and small size, user HarisH KarthiK showed his appreciation of IObit Applock: "It's a feature rich and really simple applock which does the job flawlessly. The applock I have been searching for years."

While talking about user experience, Eunice expressed: "We have been always focusing on offering the best product to our customers. We spent considerable time on making it better as we highly value 'branding' and 'customer feedback.' We hope to provide best user experiences to our app users as we take 'user experience' and 'rate' as our competitive advantages."

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