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Hulu partners with Chicago software company

November 2, 2016

In today's fragmented media landscape, advertisers are scrambling to get their ads in front of viewers who are consuming content across a variety of platforms and devices.


So to help ad buyers reach an increasingly cord-cutting audience, a Chicago-based advertising software company has partnered with Hulu to help brands sell more ads on the popular streaming video service.

Strata, a media buying and selling software company that focuses primarily on TV ad buying, announced Tuesday that it has partnered with Santa Monica, California-based Hulu to help companies place local and national ads.

Strata will allow advertisers to purchase ads on mobile, desktop and living room devices where Hulu is streamed. Now, Strata says, advertisers can purchase a spot on Hulu as conveniently as they would buy a local TV ad.

"Hulu's partnership with Strata is a sign of the times that the local broadcast marketplace needs to go beyond their conventional TV buying options to meet their clients' TV advertising objectives," Peter Naylor, SVP Sales at Hulu, said in a statement.

Strata, which is owned by Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA), says one benefit of incorporating its software with Hulu is that now ad-buyers can overcome "viewability challenges" like skippable ads. Hulu says it boasts 92 percent viewability and non-skippable ads. Hulu says most of its 12 million subscribers still use the company's $7.99 ad-supported version. Hulu also offers an ad-free $11.99 option.

"Integrating Hulu's library of premium content into our systems is another example of our commitment to provide the best advertising opportunities to our clients. Working closely with Hulu enabled us to engineer media buying software solutions that allow for fluid transactions of ads that can appear on any device," Judd Rubin, Vice President at STRATA, added in the statement.

Strata's software processes $50 billion in annual ad transactions across cable, broadcast, newspaper, radio, outdoor and digital advertising. Hulu represents another way in on video, adding to the broadcast ad buying they already handle. Strata is used by over 1,000 ad agencies in the United States.

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