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Honeywell's Enacto Energy Management Software

November 7, 2016


Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that Enacto™, the company's energy management software platform, is now available to energy services companies (ESCOs), enabling them to more easily manage and track their customers' energy efficiency programs and reduce the risk of shortfalls in guaranteed energy savings.

Enacto is a flexible and scalable end-to-end energy monitoring and management solution that enables swift and efficient action on energy alarms and energy project deviations. The solution has been designed to maximise energy performance contracting savings for multi-site operators and is currently being used by some key global retailers. Enacto enable ESCOs to administer their customers' energy efficiency programs from a central platform, track energy savings by individual conservation measure, and help reduce the risk of a shortfall in guaranteed energy savings under the program.

The software features an automatic reporting tool that saves time for ESCOs and supports multiple reporting schemes, including CRC and GHG. With Enacto, ESCOs can also help their customers achieve ISO 50001 certification, which will allow them to make informed decisions concerning energy use and consumption.

Kristof Lamont, product manager of Energy Intelligence, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies said: "With Enacto, ESCOs can maximise the impact of their energy management programmes, influence behavioural change, and gain significant and sustainable cost savings over the long-term for their customers. This solution is testimony to our commitment of further developing and delivering a comprehensive, accurate and actionable energy intelligence solution."

2- Honeywell Enacto Energy Management Software for ESCOs 

Dirk Den Haese, global director for Energy Management Solutions, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies said: "Enacto is the perfect fit for ESCOs as it allows them to tailor the software to their customers' energy programme. ESCOs are now able to track energy savings by energy conservation measure, taking into account automatic International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) normalisation. Enacto will also trigger an alarm if energy consumption diverts from a predefined threshold. Acting on these exceptions will minimise the impact on contracted savings and reduce the risk of penalty for the ESCO."

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