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DineSafe App Enhances Functionality

November 1, 2016


DineSafe, the app designed to help diners and restaurants navigate the world of food allergies and special dietary preferences, has enhanced and expanded its functionality.

DineSafe provides restaurants with an accurate, real-time tool for keeping track of all menu item ingredients in a centralized location and a standardized format that helps guests, servers, chefs, and even hosts or hostesses access the 

information and use it in a way that caters to their establishments and their customers personally.

Restaurants can now upload and track the minimum of the Top 8 Allergens with the optional ability to track up to 33 allergens and 11 dietary preferences. A functionality to enable uploading any and all nutritional information is expected to be in place by early 2017. DineSafe is presently in talks with Reps from other countries ready to help with expansion overseas.

"What started out as a tool for restaurants to provide kitchen staff and front of the house accurate real time allergen information for the food they were cooking and serving is now expanding to be so much more, fully embracing the description in the DineSafe name," said Nick Caturano of DineSafe. "This app can help save lives, time and money as well as bring structure to the complex challenges of serving guest with food allergies and soon communicating all the nutritional information in your menu items.

Because a food allergy can turn deadly anytime, the UK and the EU already require disclosure of allergens in food, many states are already following this lead. Vegetarian, vegan and paleo diets are no longer limited to niche markets and guests are increasingly seeking healthier options, looking for lower sodium, low fat, low calorie and sugar free meals and transparency in menus. Beginning in May of 2017, restaurants chains of 20 and more will be required by law to have nutritional information readily available.  

"I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and watched what clearly seems like an explosion in food allergies and sensitivities in the past 10 years," added Caturano. " We feel we have brought to market at the right time the perfect tool to bring all the meal information, locations and diners to one centralized place. It's not the recipes, cooking methods, your proprietary information that diners with food allergies and food preferences need, it's the allergen ingredients in your meals and nutritional information to help them make safe and healthier choices."

In an effort to continue staying up to date with food industry challenges, efforts and working solutions with food allergies, DineSafe will be attending and helping to sponsor Food Allergy Symposium for Industry, FASI2016 In Boulder, Colorado November 3rd & 4th.

There are already more than 33,000 locations in the DineSafe system including award-winning chef Rick Bayless' restaurant Frontera Cocina @DisneySprings, which recently upload their menu into their account on DineSafe App. The company is actively seeking restaurants who would like to add their menu offerings to DineSafe.

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