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Coupa Integrator for SAP

February 12, 2016


An innovative new product enabling integration between Coupa and SAP

ExceleratedS2P, the global provider of solutions in Source-to-Pay, has announced the launch of a unique product to facilitate the integration of Coupa and SAP.

The Coupa Integrator for SAP is a pre-built software package that creates a seamless link between the two applications, meaning that organisations can achieve the benefits of full integration more quickly, effectively and affordably than ever before.

Launched to coincide with Coupa Inspire 2016 in San Francisco, ExceleratedS2P has launched this new Coupa Integrator designed to eliminate manual data transfer processes, and reduce the complexity and cost of integrating Coupa with SAP. The Coupa Integrator gives all organisations the opportunity to experience a fully integrated procurement to payment solution, without the need for a significant software development project.

“ExceleratedS2P is excited to have developed and launched a comprehensive adapter to integrate Coupa with customers’ SAP ECC environments. The adapter will reduce the cost and time for an organisation to complete the integration and has received a great feedback from the Coupa Integration team and will provide the customer with comprehensive and ready to run process flows”, says Ramesh Varsani, Director of ExceleratedS2P.

Coupa Integrator for SAP offers seamless data exchange between Coupa and SAP, rapid deployment as well as affordable integration. This adapter enables transaction processing and data handling, ensuring the correct flow of transactional and master data. All these benefits together with the reassure that the installation and set-up will be implemented by our expert consultants in SAP and Coupa makes this adapter a unique product for companies that wish to integrate Coupa with SAP.

ExceleratedS2P has broad expertise in procurement transformation and adoption. Our dedicated team of sourcing and procurement professionals understand the complexities of both Coupa and SAP, and we can help organisations to experience the full potential of both solutions.

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