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Cloudify Unveils Telco-Tailored Version of Open Source Orchestration Platform

June 1, 2016


Upcoming version of Cloudify open source NFV MANO platform will deliver a new Telecom Edition tailored to NFV needs

Cloudify is an open source orchestrator used by a growing group of large telecoms and Tier 1 network operators that are pursuing network functions virtualization (NFV).

"Cloudify is an open source cloud orchestration platform that simplifies the transition from physical to cloud-based networks. Cloudify enables telcos to manage and orchestrate their NFV deployments on hybrid infrastructure including containers, through a single pane of glass,” says William Fellows, Research Vice President of 451 Research. “This new telecom edition brings DevOps best practices to the world of NFV by automating formerly complex processes of deploying virtualized network functions (VNFs) to the cloud, chaining them, monitoring and managing them throughout their entire application lifecycle, while providing scaling and healing out of the box.”

Cloudify has tailored the Telecom Edition to the needs of NFV operators by adding a robust set of new features, NFV-specific plugins, and blueprints showcasing how to mode VNFs and SFC (Service Function Chaining), including:

• Netconf plugin
• Clearwater vIMS blueprints and plugins
• F5 BigIP plugin
• Network service management
• TOSCA/YANG data modeling interoperability
• VNF updates for running VNFs and services
• NIC ordering
• Support for Cloud Native services through Kubernetes plugin
• Multi-VIM - Now fully open source vCloud and vSphere plugins, alongside OpenStack native support
• Overlay Service Chaining
• Enhanced Platform Awareness coupled with Data Plane Acceleration through integration with Intel
• Drag and drop Cloudify Composer with VNF-specific components
• Native integration with ARIA
• Support installation within environments with no internet access

The Cloudify Telecom Edition, based on the telecom-friendly TOSCA standard, will be delivered with the ARIA TOSCA Orchestration Engine at its core, an open source and open governance embeddable reference implementation of TOSCA targeted for NFV users. Cloudify, as the only open source NFV MANO leveraging TOSCA’s native multi-VIM interoperability capabilities, has built-in support and blueprints for OpenStack, as well as the entire VMware stack, including vCloud Director, VMware Integrated OpenStack and vSphere. It also enables extensibility of hybrid workloads and microservices, as well as bursting to public clouds for disaster recovery applications.

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